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Custom Signs: While all signs are custom made, some are just a bit more so. Sometimes the standard sign classifications just don't work for certain projects. What you need are personalized signs designed and made just for you. We will be happy to entertain and design custom made signs for any concept that you may have. Whether lighted signs, custom vinyl or something unheard of, we will do our best so that your final product is what you have envisioned.

Logo Design: Company Logos are a very important element for your company identity. Your logo should be simple, legible and easy to remember. When customers see it they will know exactly who you are and what you sell.


Design: Keep it simple. There is no need to overcrowd the logo with unnecessary elements. Keep the focus on legibility and simplicity. The simpler the better. Think about the Apple logo or Nike. These are world renowned logos and everyone can remember them. They are also one single color.

Colors: Use no more than three colors. One or two colors are even better if you can. Remember that you are going to reproduce this logo and would like it to be consistent every time. One or two colors can be monitored fairly easy. And again a simple logo makes a better impression. When choosing colors, choose colors that fit your business. For example if your company was called "Ocean" then you would not choose red for a color.

Typography: Try to avoid "Brush Script," "Comic Sans" and "Old English." Choose a font that is legible yet somewhat original, even if it means you must pay for it. The logotype is very important. Try to avoid skewing type. The default proportions are the most legible. The whole idea of a logo is to be able to read it. When we stretch it up or sideways, we are making it less legible.

Branding: Have your logo trademarked and branded by a professional. This insures that all of your reproduction will maintain continuity. There is no sense in paying for a logo if it is not consistent.


Design, production and installation Best Sign Works continues to meet all of our signage needs with class, quality and responsibility.
~ JLS Management ~ Westminster, CO


Best Sign Works offers you the flexibility you need to create the signage your business needs to be successful. 

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