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Channel Letters

Standard Channel Letters are individually formed metal letters with internal illumination. They can be made in any color, constructed from steel or aluminum. An acrylic sign face is placed over the metal letter to enclose the sign. Neon or LED's can be used to light the letters.

LED Illuminated Channel Letters are energy efficient, low voltage, and low maintenance. The lightweight design of an LED module virtually eliminates breakage. LED Channel Letters provide the opportunity to create savings over a long period of time.

Non-illuminated Channel Letters are a great way to afford the sign of choice without the added cost of illumination. Illumination can be added at a later date, when it works into your budget.

"Open Channel" Neon Illuminated Channel Letters are a product that allows for the exposed neon look. Clear or transparent color tinted acrylic is used for neon tubing visibility. This type of channel letter provides an edgy and professional style for all business professionals.

Contour Channel Letters are a great way to express your custom sign and still get the look of a channel letter. They also can be shaped to any contoured letterstyle or logo. This type of channel sign provides opportunity for creativity with vinyl and digital prints.

Custom Logos can be manufactured to any shape including standard shapes, symbols and business logos. Your possibilities are virtually limitless for custom logos. As long as we can fit your illumination of choice in the product, it can be manufactured.

Reverse Channel Letters have a very rich look. Illuminated letters are fabricated from aluminum. Commonly called "Back-Lit."

Non-illuminated Reverse Channel Letters are typical for both indoor and outdoor installations: Office entries, counter top fronts, monument signs, storefronts and many other applications. Reverse channel letters provide your customer with a professional appearance for years to come.

Neon Illuminated Reverse Channel Letters are most commonly used for businesses who desire an architectural presentation. The neon is secured to the inside of the letter can with a clear Lexan back fastened to the back of the letter. The process provides what is known as a "halo" effect.

LED Illuminated Reverse Channel Letters are more energy efficient than neon illuminated letters. LED products benefit savings over a long period of time.

Dual Illumination Channel Letters are a combination of both types of illuminated letters. They are fabricated using aluminum and have an acrylic face on front as well as a clear cover on the back.

Neon Illuminated Self Contained Channel Letters are typical for large signage. Transformers are mounted and wired inside each letter, which reduces installation time. These letters are usually prewired and ready for installation. Most letterstyles and sizes can be self-contained.

Self-Contained LED Illuminated Channel Letters are assembled with the power supplies mounted to the inside back of the letters. The lightweight design of an LED module reduces damages during transit. These letters can contain a large amount of lighting. LED signage is a great way to reduce long term cost.

H-Channel Letters are open channel letters that are self-contained. These letters have a false back inserted inside the can that hides the transformer, wiring and mounting components. This product enables your customer to have an open channel sign without internal components being visible.

Front & Back Illuminated Channel Letters provide you with not only a front illuminated channel letter but also a reverse "halo" effect. This product can be constructed using one or two colors of illumination.


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